Apple Watch 

Series 9

Launch :  Sep 2023

Apple Watch Series 9 launch:  U2 Chip, Enhanced Heart Rate Sensor, and many more.

The Device with a swifter, smoother performance

Pie Chart

Frame Size

current size options of 41 mm and 45 mm,

- Focuses on internal Upgrade - New Heart Rate Sensors  for     Accurate Health Tracking - Faster Processor for Enhanced     Performance

- Significant Hardware    Improvements - New U2 Chips Boosts      "Find My"  feature - All Black Color Variants

Boosting the internal functionalities to offer a more refined user experience.


U2 Strong Chip

boosting the "Find My" feature's effectiveness

This new series is expected to house a faster processor, thanks to a new chip, marking a departure from the processor utilized in models from Series 6 onwards

Best Expected Features


Internal Upgrade


Heart Rate Sensors


Faster Processor