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Apple TV tvOS 17

Apple TV release, including exciting features like FaceTime support, a revamped Control Center, and more.

Apple’s dedication to improving its products is evident in the release of tvOS 17 beta 9, marked as build 21J5354a.

1. FaceTime Support

Now, you can enjoy crystal-clear video calls right from your Apple TV. This feature includes Center Stage, which ensures you stay in the frame, and the addition of gesture-based reactions.

2. Split View for Apple TV

This feature also allows seamless call transfer between the TV and an iPhone or iPad. Third-party apps like Zoom can take advantage of this functionality, making it rely on teleconferencing.

3. Revamped Control Center

Navigating your Apple TV has never been easier. The Control Center has undergone a significant overhaul, simplifying access to key settings and information.

4. Aerial Screen Savers

tvOS 17 brings a range of captivating aerial screen savers, adding a touch of elegance to your TV experience. It also introduces support for third-party VPN apps, expanding your privacy options.

FaceTime support

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Control Center

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